The literacy meaning of AKK is AMRA KAJ KORY (We do work) is a Non-govt. non-profitable and non-political voluntary development organization. It was established in January1985 with the initiation of a group of motivated , educated social workers with an aim to enhance the socio-economic status of the rural poor, disadvantaged and disaster affected vulnerable people emphasizing the women, children ages and disable people through concretization, capacity building, institution build & capital formation and imparting felt-need based problem solving programs. It believes in non-directive, bottom up, integrated and participatory development frame work as a catalyst with the concern people and aspires a judge full and equitable share able society, where every individual could be able to live in peace, harmony and justice.

Since inception in 1985 AKK has been working hard to derive away poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition and it responds within 72 hours in emergency if any disaster occurs. It believes community people who are affected to disaster have rights to get service according to sphere standard. It has been pursuing its development as community efforts through getting involve with government and non government schemes and donors and fully participate in the disaster preparedness, mitigation activities and capacity and skill development.

Overall Objective

The overall objective of the organization is to organize the poor and disadvantaged people of the society (specially who are living in the char areas) to enhance their life and livelihood through ensuring their participation in the development intervention, involving them in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation through capacity building and aware them about their rights to have the basic service of the government.


Establish the rights to life and sustainable livelihood of the hardcore and landless people, destitute farmers, people of the isolated char island, ethnic minority groups, children, youth, socially excluded groups (person with disablity population, irrespective of age and gender) cultural values and the peoples who are severely affected of socio–economic deprivation, disaster and climate impacts through developing their own institutions, mobilizing resources and by enhancing their skills and abilities.


Establish an extortion free, socio- cultural and self-reliant society which will ensure equality and sustainability of life and livelihood in Bangladesh.