Values of AKK:

AKK doesn’t have any overt value based direction in their program and organization management system. However, members of the organization often pronounce moral and ethical aspects of pro-people development initiative to stimulate and motivate workforce of the organization. To cope new challenges and up hold the pro-people concerns in the development initiative, all stakeholders solely agreed to have overt organization culture and values that conglomerate in all achievements of AKK.

We believe….

  • People’s power.
  • People have rights to life and livelihood irrespective of gender, class, cast and religion.
  • Human dignity and justice.
  • Natural ability and capacity of people.
  • Accountability and transparency in all action.
  • Participation constituent pro-people development.
  • Acknowledgement and appreciation are the building blocks of motivation.

Following cultural practices inclined to ensure the act of holding overt values

We practice….

  • Respect to others opinion.
  • Transparent and accountable to all level (Horizontal and vertical).
  • Participation from planning to evaluation.
  • Delegation of work.
  • Respect to the decision of the stakeholders and people.
  • Acknowledging innovation and challenge.
  • Healthy communication with all pertinent groups.
  • Maintain free flow of communication.
  • Trust on the actions of team members and program participants.
  • Ensure equal opportunity for people irrespective of age and gender, class and cast.
  • Appropriate and effective use of all policies, rules and regulations of the organization.
  • Nero tolerance to any act against rights and dignity.